Colmic Superior Class Match rod Light 6 - 20gm 14'


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Jul 30, 2011
Richard Chave (Chavey) let me loose on one of these for a couple of sessions. I fished on a local commercials and on the Dorset Stour. On the commercial I fished a 5AAA waggler with 3lb line and a 20 to to 0.10, catching a mix of carp from 2 to 5lbs, a couple of big gibels up to 3-4 plus a dozen or so small roach and skimmers, mainly on maggot. Later in the session I switched to a banded pellet on a 16 to deter the tiddler roach. The rod is probably a bit light-actioned for small carp but it coped well enough, casting accurately and forgiving on the strike.

On to the water where it showed its strength, the Dorset Stour. My rod of choice on here is a Tricast John Allerton Premier Match in 13' which has proved to be perfect. The Colmic has that extra foot of reach which did help when fishing a 5 gram Avon in 11ft of water at a decent range including trotting down over 30 yards. I had a good mix of roach from tiny to close on a pound and a half, never lost a fish and missed few if any bites. The action is soft when pulling a good fish upstream, perhaps lacking a bit of backbone when the bigger fish needed steering from the snags.

In conclusion, definitely worth a look if you're after a 14 or 15' light float rod, comfortable to use (I would, of course, change the reel seat), has a flattened handle like a Daiwa Armlock, is superbly finished, and is competitively priced at around £300 if you're in the market for a top-class rod.
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Jul 11, 2018
Thanks for the review Mark. How would you say it compares and differs from the Allerton rod you mentioned. When paying that amount of money I'd want near perfection.:LOL::LOL: There are a lot of rods around the £200 these days that work well, as you know. Cheers Richard


Mark Saunders
May 3, 2008
I watched your video using it on the Stour, it looks a lovely rod with a great action