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Aug 19, 2002
Hya All! [:)][8D]

With regard to Dr Paul Gardner's article in AT d/d May 20th, has anyone used this Codlivine supplement he mentions? [?]

According to him it's the dogs wotsits for tench. Very strong aniseed smell and full of fish oils, it's available from most merchants and large pet store and comes in at around 12 for 2.5kilos of the stuff.
Also with it having the smell of aniseed wouldn't it be good for roach as I seem to remember someone telling me that baits flavoured with aniseed were good for roach at one time.

Anyone see the article, know anything about this stuff, or have any ideas?

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Apr 27, 2002
Hi Bluey,[:)]
To be honest I've never heard of this codlivine, but I can vouch for aniseed flavours.
I always thought of aniseed as a roach flavour as it was very popular when I was a lad especially in winter. It worked then and I can't think of any reason why it shouldn't work now.
I have been experimenting with it again over the past couple of seasons for carp, and found bream and tench also like it.[:D]
I found some bird seed, Finch conditioner I think, and it stinks of the stuff. I used it heavily in my particle mix and certainly attracted the fish.[8D]
over the last couple of weeks i've been using it in a method mix, not the seed, a black powder that i was told was a brand-name winter method mix, I don't know which brand, but the aniseed smell comes through double plastic bags! I put it in to soak with the other ingrediants the night before and it turns everything black. I've had good results so far, catching more than usual.

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