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Aug 8, 2001
Living with Covid19 - Update


Yesterday saw announcements for significant changes to the impact of Covid19 in angling sport.

All clubs operating under the jurisdiction of the Irish Government are now subject to Level 5 of the NCFFI Living with Covid19 Plan. In brief this means we fish only on an individual basis within 5km of our home. Competition remains prohibited. *With schools remaining open, the coaching of school groups under controlled measures continues to be allowed. These changes come into effect on Wednesday 21st October.

In Northern Ireland competition can only take place in groups of less than 15 in accordance with strict guidelines. These measures take immediate effect with further clarification on specific items to follow. The NCFFI would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the work of the Guidance for sports regarding new Covid-19 restrictions | Sport NI
We appreciate the enormity of these restrictions to our members’ angling activities and ask that we all work together to protect ourselves and others. The successful return to sport depends on, above all else, individual members taking personal responsibility for the behaviour to prevent the spread of the virus. Whilst continuing with your sport and pastime please respect the countryside and Leave No Trace Ireland whilst continuing to practice Catch & Release to protect our bio-diversity.
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Apr 23, 2018
it's amazing how the NCFFI can be so active on social media with this Covid thing but when it came to reacting to the poachers over the last 15 years they were silent