Club suggestions in Northamptonshire


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Jun 4, 2020
Hi All,

Recently moved to Northamptonshire and looking for a club to join. Preferably with alot of coarse lakes and which holds matches.

I'm in the area around kettering/ thrapston but don't mind a drive for decent venues.



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Jan 1, 2015
My dad was a founder member of Corby AC who I fished with for 20 years fish a 12 match summer points series and an 8 match winter series
All commercials in summer and used to be all naturals in the winter but now is a mix I think
another club could be JVAC who fish a lot at decoy

Neil ofthe nene

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May 4, 2009
Simple. Best club in the country is on your doorstep (voted so 2020). Wellingborough & District Nene AC have 17 miles of river (Wellingborough to Oundle plus a stretch of the Ouse), 15 lakes offering speci carp, general coarse and commercial style fishing, 8 miles of canal at Foxton to Husband's Bosworth. There are also sharing/guest/book swap waters at Cannons Ashby, Luton canal and Scunthorpe AA waters including the Trent. River stretches at Ringstead and Barnwell have had solid, rotproof platforms installed.

Monthly club matches (1st Sunday July to March plus one mid-June) on a variety of waters plus regular opens organised on club waters and others. The club also runs a canal Winter League, 4 matches Jan-March.

Club book runs for the calendar year. £50 adults, £10 juniors, £35 seniors.