Club pond tench heron


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Jul 30, 2019
Went back to club pond today to try and catch some more tench the peg I fished Monday was covered in floating scum so decided to fish other side where I could see float easier used 8 metre pole with .new section and fed groundbait with maggot pinkie and odd worm for bait. Started catching small perch after 10 min and was about a hour before I got a small tench then a few small rudd when I got my next perch had a heron swoop down and if I had not waved pole he would have landed near my lap
Next bite I got thought I hooked a Carp the way the elastic shot out took 5 min to bring it in was a tench about a 1lb fought harder then the bigger tench Monday got a crucian and a few more perch when the rain started and I packed up think the heron was a juvenile as they where 2 more herons and this one looked younger


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