Club Anglers only - Commercial Fisheries

Club Anglers only - Commercial Fisheries

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Jan 3, 2006
As a club angler fishing your club matches on commercial venues, do you feel that you get real value for money? On average peg fees are very high, generally you can only buy bait from the venue itself and trying to get good up to the minute information on how to fish is like getting blood out of a stone! I can catch fish as well as the next angler, however the usual weekend experience is ... sitting struggling to catch fish and then seeing the regular open anglers turn up on an adjacent pool and empty it [:C]

After voting, if you feel you get good VfM, please state where and why ... perhaps we will book some matches there soon [:D]



Jul 5, 2003
If you're not happy with the venues your club fishes then don't go, the club will soon stop booking venues where turnouts are rubbish.


Bogs Dalls
May 21, 2007
To be honest you pay if the fishings good or bad and most fisheries go through times when the fishing is good and bad, take the spawning lottery for instance. You could be fishing the best fishery in the country but if its iffy its tough luck but the price is the same.

As for the open anglers, you have to remember allot of these guys stick to 1 or 2 places and they know the place inside out. Some open anglers have the ability to pick up the winning methods on any venue and because they are good they can adapt and compete. Some simply choose to fish places where they know they can compete as the fishery responds well to a particular method they are most proficient with (fishing to their strengths). If you fish somwhere enough and especially in comps you have the chance to see how a water fishes under pressure, you will soon get to know a place. Some of the open anglers you refer to will more than likey be venue specialists, every water has them, they know the moods of the water, what they should fish for at what time of year, where the feeding fish are, which pegs are the flyers, how much a good weight is for a particular peg/match/time of year, bait selection, feeding qtys and frequency patterns, the correct tackle balance (rig selection, optimum hooksize elastic rating and line diameter etc, etc). They will know who the competition is likely to be on the day and they will know who will blow out because they wont be on enough fish.

You on the other hand will turn up and fish to your strengths or with the method you like or feel most comfortable with. Sometimes it will work and sometimes it wont but the next match you may be somewhere else fishing for a different species or same species but larger or smaller, a totally different way with different baits etc. Theres no shame in what you are doing, dont worry about the open guys, they arnt in your match so your pools are safe.

If your dissolutioned with your clubs water selection then try some opens, pick a couple of waters you enjoy and stick to them for a season. Alternatively have a word with the lads at the AGM and streamline the waters you fish, instead of fishing 15 matches at 15 different venues a season, fish 15 matches at 5 venues you all like the best. You know when the lads dont like a water, one thing for sure a bit of whinging and whining is a common attribute for a British angler[:D]