Clear canal help


Jun 7, 2018
Had a nice Pike from my local canal at weekend using a diving plug so thought I'd give it another go today.

At the weekend, the water had a bit of colour to it possibly by boat traffic. Today however I was totally put off as upon casting the lure to the far bank, you could literally see it all the way back in even in the boat channel which is about 4 ft deep.

I decided enough was enough or should I have carried on? Any tips for these conditions please? I only like using spinners and plugs so just wondering if I did the right thing?

John Step

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Nov 29, 2016
Clear water itself is not a problem for lures just the keeping out of site- watercraft style.
If you can find a spot or two where there are features for the pike, an ambush predator to skulk that would be helpful.
Moored boats, bridges. side of reed beds and so on.
They haven't left the canal just moved to where they can find cover? Same for the prey fish actually.