Cheap small free runner reel


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Jul 24, 2020
Have bought a couple of small bait runner type reels recently ............and I am amazed at the quality for the money. I found an old 10 feeder I forgot I had and Im putting together an outfit for inexperienced people I take fishing that is ok .but I dont need to be over precious about.
This reel is a REELSKING KC 3000...and it will make a great little feeder reel. I have not loaded it yet..but have played with the front drag and the rear drag ( free running ) drag and they both seem to work well and adjust freely. Its a very discreet all black design with a bit of chrome...There is no wobble on the handle ..unlike my Diawa ...the single handle and the hard plastic knob are well designed and comfortable...there is no spare spool but there is a line clip.........but as I use the inner tube method rather than a clip that is never going to be used. Now for the good bit .....cost about £11.94 delivered including taxes. from Ali Express and arrived in a couple of weeks.
And before I get berated for buying stuff from China...........just check the big brands that have their stuff made there anyway. :)


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Simon R

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May 19, 2002
From time to time when Lidl sell fishing gear they do an excellent bait runner (Crivit) - most recently about £14 I think but they've been selling them for the best part of ten years and I've had no problems with the couple I own.