Chat Room now added


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Aug 8, 2001
On the top navigation you will see a new link: Chat

Click this and it will take you into either a page 'The Fisherman's Hut' or one with a message saying "You haven't joined any rooms. "
Click the 'Browse Rooms' link and you will see two Chat rooms to choose from

The Rules, Help and Options are available on the right of the message header, and underneath that you should also see the option to have a Private Chat, in case you want to invite someone into a private conversation

Once you are in a room it is pretty much self explanatory and you'll soon get the feel of it.
If you click the three bars on the right of the header 'Options' you can log out of a Chatroom, or launch it into a Pop-up window which is helpful if you want to browse the forums at the same time.

If you are inactive in a room for 10 minutes or so you can remain in it to observe but after another 10 minutes you will be removed from the room.
There's several other functions built in, again you'll find them as you go along.

Enjoy :) .... but behave ;)