Charities Championship 2007 Lindholme Lakes Report

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Apr 23, 2002

Once again Lindholme Lakes and it's ( Bonsai Lake) staged the inaugural event in: Charity fund raising events calendar for 2007.

This match was not only to raise funds for our chosen charities Rainbows Children's Hospice & Macmillan Nurses but also to commemorate the memory of a sadly missed disabled-angler Steven Platts. Steven's family once again very kindly presented the memorial trophy to the winner.

Winner Tony Prentice


Winner Tony Prentice pictured above is about to have his second weigh of his winning catch of 54Ibs 5ozs.
Tony received some spot on advice earlier in the week from none other than World-Champion Alan Scothorn. Alan showed him how to feed caster and fish maggot, a winning combination as it turned out but still needed a talented angler to carry it off and Tony showed the rest of the field that he was just that man.

My Banter

On my arrival at the fishery I fueled up at the fisheries on-site cafeteria with a well earned bacon butty & a brew after the long drive form the midlands. How I managed to get there two hours before the draw I don't know,
keen I guess [:D]
After a quick look at the water to confirm it was still wet I went back to the car park where others had started to arrive, Andy was first on the scene as usual with a vehicle that looked more like a shop, being full of Easter raffle prices. Thank-you to everyone for their generous donations.

On the dangler charity matches we're not normally graced with good looking anglers and this was no exception [:D]but this has got to be a first, this funny looking chap tried to sell us a copy of Windows [:D]


He caught 30Ibs "well done Dave"

Unfortunately my result was, well that's enough about that story :) no complaints though, this was April and we were all sitting in T/shirts and it had been a long Winter so just being back by the water was a real treat, and of course there's always next time and that's at Alders farm this weekend on Matt's Charity Event.

I would just like to finish by saying a huge thank-you to Andrew Archer. There aren't many guys in the country with the organisational skills of this man, combine that with a generous heart and you just know the charities are going to do well out of any event he stages, and he stages quite a few throughout the year.
And finally to everyone who took part at Lindholme and helped to make this match once again such a huge success Thank-you.

To our sponsor thank-you again for enabling us to stage these Charity events thanks Steve.

Next stop Monk Lakes28th April 2006

Match Results and Days Accounts


Lindholme Match Accounts 07/04/07
29 pegs x 5.00 = 145
Raffle & Donation = 159

Total = 304


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Aug 8, 2001
I got the Window of Ebay, I was told it was a genuine Vista copy [:I] lol


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Jun 29, 2003
Well done to all you who took part, it is growing from strength to strength every year.

lucky wayne

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Jun 4, 2003
from all the danglers thank you for all the support as always andy and the gang have done us proud
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