Dave Spence

MD virtual champion 2020. Golden Pie winner 2018.
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Feb 19, 2017
Tomorrow is my MD Birthday; 3 years since I made my first post and the time has flown by. I have actually posted 30 stories! The initial ones, from my childhood, which caused Bill Sykes request that I be banned; through the 'Gren Years' and finally to the self indulgent 10,000 word Drennan Drowners tales. Couple this to the ordinary posts and it would probably equate to well over 100,000 words, if they called it work I would be moaning, as it is I have enjoyed every minute. I've met some great people on the matches, discovered loads of, 'mates I have never met', on the forums and recieved numerous acts of kindness, great advice and generosity; in fact I don't think I have ever fell out with anyone on here. A big thank you to Dave and all the mods for keeping the forum up to the standard we have all come to expect and another huge one to my fellow MD'rs for making me so welcome; especially when I first joined. :beer-toast1: