Cat & Butt jokes

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Aug 7, 2004
A guy walks into a pub with a Parrot on his shoulder & a cat in his pocket, he walks up to the bar & orders A half for the parrot & a pint for himself.
Suddenly the cat pops it's head out & says " I'm not paying for those drinks" the barman amazed at this asks the guy what's the story on the parrot & talking cat?.
The guy tells him "I was walking by the river & found a bottle with a cork in it, i pulled the cork & a genie pops out & grants me one wish" WOW! says the barman "What did you wish for?" the guy replies "A Bird with a tight PU*SEY.

A chap is watching his Mrs examining her breasts in a mirror she says to him "I wish my breasts were bigger" He replies "Have you tried rubbing toilet tissue between your Boobs?" "Will that make em bigger she asks?" "Well he replies it sure worked on your backside didn't it?" He should be out of intensive care in a month or two.
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