Castor Backwater


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Jan 1, 2015
Fished Castor Backwater for the second time yesterday, looking for my first nene barbel. Same peg as my first session there, 2 pegs upstream from the bridge. On the first session I decided to fish with pellets in PVA bags using meat or 14mm pellet hair rig and didn’t get a touch. This time, still after barbel I thought I’d give large drennan maggot feeder a whirl and got through 3 pints of maggies in the process. No luck with the barbel, but did manage a couple of 2lb Chub, the picture below being the biggest by a few oz. Will be back in a fortnite times to try again further upstream, but for now, happy to pull out a couple of reasonable fish! Although small for the stretch, better than a blank.