Castle Loch (Large nets & Mats)

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Sep 2, 2002
Me and my friend big john decided to go to castle loch the other week for a bit of pike fishing.Everything was organized the previous day baits sorted tackle organized,we travel everywhere in my car i drive there and john drives back.The previous night i did something i do not normally do i loaded the car with the gear as we were setting off at 3 in the morning i did not want to wake the neighbours
at that ungodly hour.I retired to bed about 10 o clock set the alarm clock for half 2 only to be woken at 2.20 whith the car alarm going off!!.I dashed out to find my passenger side front and back windows both fully down on closer inspection i found that the miserable scroats had taken my new spinning rod and reel from the back of the car they only set the alarm off when they tried to remove my made up carp/pike rods out of the front window.I informed the police and all i got was a crime no- no visit as they were too busy!! i got organized and went round to pick john up told him the good news he muttered something i can not repeat on this site but totaly agreed with something to do with round things and what he would like to do with them.We set off a bit degected and after a couple of hours found ourselves on the banks of castle loch we were surprised to find that the rules on the fishery had changed, big notices around the fishery detailing the fact that no fishing could now take place without the use of a large specy net and an unhooking mat we were in trouble because we had forgotten our unhooking mat that we always normally carry when pike fishing we thought a bit of improvising would get us over the problem.We unpacked the car and to our horror found out that not only was my rod gone but the little b******s had done a runner with my specy net and pole we could not really get away with not having a net as we were informed that the bailif checked these items before issueing a permit we tried everywhere to obtain a replacement but to no avail and to top it all it started to heave it down we tried to put a brave face on it all but finished off with a day out at dumfries no fishing at the end off the day and a nice little bill to replace a rod a reel and a specy net and pole.So if you ever intend on going to castle loch for a bit of pike fishing dont forget your nets and mats.

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Aug 11, 2001
Sorry to hear about the theft Patriot but in this day and age you can not afford to leave any thing unattended for a second.

Check your house insurance as you may be surprised to find the gear is covered in your car if it was on your drive !!

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Dec 2, 2001
Used to fish Castle Loch 12 years ago. 7.50 for the week and no rod licence. Good bream, roach and pike.

Must go back there one day.

Sorry to hear about the kit Patriot but you must know you could leave a used French one laying about and somebody would pinch it and use it again.

check your house insurance.

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Jul 28, 2002
Patriot, sorry to hear of your run- in with the low-life. yes i would agree, check your house insurance.
I don't know about England but here in New Zealand one can insure sports equipment;such as fishing tackle;travelling to and from a venue and while in use.
I can recall one theft of fishing gear that;AHEM; ended up with a, shall we say ,a justifiable result.
A Maori friend of mine who, at the time was employed as a security guard, had his beloved trout fishing rod stolen from his van. i say beloved because it was a gift from his wife.Around nine months later he saw a bloke fishing with it at Lake Tutira. Now the Maori were a warrior race and even today they have a basic attitude to situations like pinching his rod.End result? one thief treated at Hospital after they dried him out. He was criticised by the Police for using;undue force;but he got his rod back.
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