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Nov 26, 2001
Finding it hard going this time of year......What is the best bait for carp this time of year,also what is the best method???

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Aug 8, 2001
I wish I knew the exact answer to this one icon_smile_big.gif as we've got a session at Izaaks this weekend an it's been a bit cold lately.

What you have to bear in mind is that once the temperature of the water drops lower than 8oc Carp tend to slow down, they move around less and eat less also.
Ideally you need to be able to find them rather than attract them to you and once you do so, feed small amounts of loose and small but attractive baits such as mini-boilies, small pieces of luncheon meat maggots, worm etc.
The big mistake is to assume that they will still be feeding at the same levels as the summer months.
Another method that works well is to present your bait along with a PVA string of freebies. Cast out in a clockface fashion, initially along the bankside ie 3.00pm, wait a while, if nothing doing rebait and string some more freebies. Then cast out at 2.00pm and so on slowly 'working' the swim.
If you are using two rods, cast one at 3.00pm the other at 12.00. On the second cast - 2.00pm and 11.00am, 3rd - 1.00pm and 10.00am etc

Eventually if there is a Carp in the swim, you will tempt it to feed. When the second rod gets to the bankside (9.00am) start again but extend your cast by a couple of metres and so on.

Good luck and all being well, if I follow my own advice, I'll be catching as well icon_smile_big.gifDave
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