Carp Rods For Pike ?


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Dec 26, 2020
I have been enjoying lure fishing for pike on our fen drains, having landed them up to 10lbs but mainly jacks of 1 to 4 lbs. Good sport when they are feeding.(y)
Since all the rain, the pumps have been running full belt, so the water is very coloured making lure fishing a no-go. They are unlikely to clear anytime soon.:( However the dead-baiters are doing well. I saw a 18lb 14oz fish landed on Saturday, just as the sun was setting.:cool:
I have been thinking that I may be able to get a used pair of rods, pehaps with reels, so that I could give it a try myself ? Having had a good look on here I see that a carp rod may fit the bill ? :unsure:
No need to cast something like half a mackerel more than 20 yds at the most, on the fen drains, so nothing of huge strength needed I understand?
Most of the pairs of carp rods on ebay and FB market place seem to be 2.75 or 3lbs and more test curve. Am I right in thinking that a 11 or 12ft rod of 2 to 2.5 lbs TC would do the trick ok without being akin to a bargepole ?
I would like to do this reasonably economically as I'm not sure whether I would take to this type of pike angling on a regular basis.
What are your thoughts please ?


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Oct 28, 2011
Any rod of about 2lb to 2.5lb TC will be fine, especially for the fen drains as there’s no requirement to lob a whole herring 150yrds. 10ft to 11ft will be fine. If you want to keep the spend down look for some Wychwood agitator bait rods, they’re , iirc 10ft and will handle anything you’re likely to catch. It’s a shame you’re not nearer as I’ve got three in the garage doing nothing as I’ve just upgraded to a pair of Dave Lumb’s finest!

Simon R

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May 19, 2002
I have a pair of 12' 2lb TC Daiwa carp rods that I've owned for years and suffice for all my big carp / piking requirements.
They replaced a pair of 11' Daiwa rods of the same test curve and are the only carbon carp rods I've owned for the last 35+ years
Certainly beefy enough for fenland drains and light enough so they actually bend when you've got a fish on.

This is the older Daiwa rod on the South Forty Foot many years ago - the newer rods have a very similar action.

Six pound fish on the other end



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May 30, 2019
A proper pike rod will soak up the lunges a lot better.

A 10ft Wychwood agitator would be perfect for the drains.