Carp from the Irwell? A fishy tale?


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Dec 2, 2018
Apologies to you chaps and chapesses who are not from the north west region, but did anyone see that feature on BBC North West tonight the other week? The one about a young lad who claims to have caught a 20lb+ common carp from the river Irwell? I am suspicious about it because although there was a picture of him holding the fish there was no background to it. The reporter also said that the exact location was a "closely guarded secret", which suggests to me he's caught it from a commercial somewhere, then his mum contacts the BBC to say it was caught from the once filthy Irwell, just to get him on the telly.

I know that the Irwell now supports a healthy head of fish including brown trout, but am I being over-cynical about this? Are there any Mancs or Salford lads who can correct me?

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I bumped into a couple of lads from Salford Friendly Anglers who were fishing the River Dane in Northwich, they showed me loads of pics of great fish caught around Manchester City Centre including big carp.

The Irwell definitely holds decent fish.