Carp bait... what's your secret wepon ?

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Aug 25, 2002
I fish on a Carp lake which doesn't allow boilies, nuts, peas etc so I generally use cheese, lunchen meat or sweetcorn and this seems to be the most widely used by the other fishermen / fisherwomen, but I would imagine that the fish will eventually become wise to certain baits and may shy away.

What I'd really like to know is what you guys use as bait ?, do you have any secret baits that you share with a novice ?.



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Jul 24, 2002
andy, in my opinion, for big specimen carp, theres nothing to beat a couple of big fat juicy lobworms. these led to the downfall of my biggest carp of 28lbs.


Dec 4, 2001
My club's pool the same with bait bans i don't go for all this fancy ground bait &hookbait's most of it's meant to catch the Angler &not fish.I use what i call my corner shop mix,cus it can all be got from the local corner shop.The only thing i will buy is a Bag of Carp 3000,or something similar.I Use bread a lot i find it's a highly underated by anglers fishing my own clubs pool as a matter of fact iv'e that much confidence in it i start all my sessions on club pool withit,i normally just use flake .but occasionaly use a big bread punch about 12m/m dia. I Also use meat,&curried flavoured meat, also red maggots,&dead maggots iv'e found dead maggot's will often get me a fish when thing's are hard in my opinion carp don't associate dead maggot's with bieng hooked,also use garden worm's,sweetcorn,&flavoured sweetcorn,also small&large Carp pellets ,the one's i use are The Ringer Bag up pellet's i only use them on the hook dont feed them a carton last's age's that way. Not trout pellet' don't say if your using them on straight lead or with a feeder &groundbait, i prefer to use an Emstat type feeder
just put a few free samples in groundbait not many,you want the carp to start searching for the free samples & hopefully come across your hookbait. I also mix some hemp in with ground bait not much you don't want the fish to come pre occupied on the freebee's &neglect your hookbaits.
Hope this help's

Cheer's Larry


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Aug 8, 2001
Andy a favourite of mine is Luncheon meat,

Seems to work well in most instances



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Apr 27, 2002
I,ve had some success recently using hair-rigged flavoured maise, on a water that gets a lot of sweetcorn, two grains on a short hair seems to pick up the bigger fish, especialy bream.
Also I too wouldn't go without bread, fish love it and its so versatile. The reason bread is so underrated, is because many anglers don't know how to use it. They find it awkward.

Say to yourself your going to go fishing the next three times, and take nothing but bread. I promise that you will catch as well as any other bait, if not better. you'll soon become confident when your presenting it properly because you'll get plenty of bites.

Also why not try something the fish have never seen?

Try the suger coated, soft, teddie-bear sweets in Asda's pix-n-mix.
moulded chewits.
the stuff they put around scotch eggs.
anything that if you put it in your mouth it tastes as soon as it gets wet, drop what ever it is in a bottle of water, and if you can see a film coming off it after a few mins or so, then it will proberbly attract fish.




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Aug 11, 2001
Marmite on toast/ crusty bread


I'll have a fiver on the black un


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Oct 8, 2001
peanut butter on toast washed down with a glass of cold milk

i'll have a fiver on the brown one

Big Dave

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Sep 5, 2002
Recently had 80lbs of carp out on pole with prawns tried it on waggler but prawns just keep flying off, also muscles work well but hook these through the brown tounge bit of them, if it's a place u fish a lot start pre baiting now as they can take time to get used to the bait


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Dec 7, 2001
andy, a good un for ya to try (but dont tell anyone)
get a packet of crab sticks from iceland and a packet of prawns.

once they are thawed, put the crab sticks and a handfull of prawns into a blender and give em a whirl. (feed)

on the bank, put some of the feed into a pole cup and add a bit of water, give it a quick stir with ya finger (gives it a nice cloud effect) and drop it in the margin or next to an island (works better in up to 3ft of water)

put a prawn or a piece of prawn on the hook and bingo, ya catch a fish.

p.s. try filling a feeder with the crab meat and using it on a river, chub love it.

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May 30, 2002
Marmite - that's my secret weapon, and most other top carpers in the country use, myself, Trogg, Hayes, Little, we all recommend it.

Any other bandwagons I can jump on?????



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Sep 2, 2002
I use a thick bread based paste



White bread
Luncheon meat
Corn Steep Liquor (Optional. Honey works well too)


. Take white bread and remove crusts
. Mash/Tear bread into little bits
. Chop a handfull of sweetcorn nice and fine.
. Mash luncheon meat into a pulp
. Mix and mash everything together for about 5 mins (i use the edge
of a knife)
. Add a splash of corn steep
. Mix some more

This results in a nasty gooey mass.
Throw in bin and buy some strawb hook pellets. (only joking)

Pull off bait sized balls and place onto a grill rack.
Put into oven or grill for about 5-10min until a nice brown crust

You now have nicely divided sticky paste balls in an easy to store
and use form.

To use on the hook simply take one and hook it through and then
squeeze onto the hook anound the shank. This will bring the moisture
from the middle to the outside.

The carp go mad for these in the puddles at the caravan park where
I fish all the time.

ps. You should find that these are firm enough to hair rig if you
cook them long enough

If only it were this simple...

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