Canal Carp

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peg nine
Jan 27, 2002
There has recently been some carp been put into the neath canal where I mainly fish - the thing is everybody sees them swimming right past you slowly towards the surface and as if you are not there but nobody can catch them, people have tried bread, sweetcorn, maggots, casters etc but to no avail - I have seen two one about 8-10lb and the other a bit smaller. I know that the fish stocked are all 10lb or under. I tried chucking in two big tins of sweetcorn and some mashed bread and fishing there the next day trying legering and float fishing but the only thing I caught is Rudd. Any ideas? Would a normal float/quiver/pole be o.k. for these fish as its all I've got


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Aug 11, 2001
Rob suggest as the Carp have been stocked that you fish for them as you would if they were in a pool.

Personaly i'd find any feature swims, such as overhanging trees/bushes or marginal weeds.
Then introduce a carp type groundbait with some pellet mixed in, this would go in at the base of both shelf's and then fish over the top with Corn/Meat/Paste or Pellet.

Best times will either be late evening, early morning or through the night.

A couple of seasons ago Steve W and myself fished a local canal for the Carp on the pole over night with the above tactics and we took numerouse carp to 18lb 12oz so it does work.

Hope the above helps.

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