Calling (would be)owners of Octbox D25 Compact (reprise)


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May 1, 2016
A couple of weeks ago I ask a question of Outbox owners the distance between the front legs and Nicky Dodds was good enough to answer my question.I was interested in the D25 but in compact form NO footplate and only 3x 2cm drawer units. All to keep small and light. But I do use a footplate usually at still waters and when using the pole and feeder work especially winter when sitting for bites. The sliding footplate is great but for me cumbersome especially when fishing rivers. look at Dave Harrell who uses a Matrix f25 but no footplate (in his photos)
Anyway I looked at fitting a quick change footplate (matrix f25 mk1 fold up) to Octbox D25 Compact to get it right for me. As I have previous in custom fitting gear ( se- the Cutie; modified Rigger Platform 4 wheels) it was worth a try.
Well, it has worked out. having the matrix folding platform, undoing 2x self tappers each side which unhinges the leg supports at the back I was able to insert two axels with square tube which I kept from a previous job (never throw anything away thats useful) which was the right size. this made right angles for the plate to fit on because of the distance difference. It now sides on/off securely and is held by a small loop of bungee which stops it kicking back. Neat, tidy and light. Gripper tape on struts, Extending matrix legs to give hight, Octbox Legs moved to front of footplate.
So my first outing this week was a success and it was found to be comfortable, light, very solid and easy to fit. It becomes a smaller footplate in depth but thats good. The matrix legs worked well and with setting the legless hight before hand , just adjusting the extenders worked well.
Accessories were to hand, well positioned and fits on "cutie" with smaller footprint then before giving me more room.
So what do you think, does it look a goer to you. yes its never going to be as good as the Octbox sliding footplate but for me it looks the solution.
I have enclosed some photos for your pleasure.
BTW my Matrix Boxes and Units (that are in Classifieds) will be on eBay from Monday Night.
Hope you get something from this.
regards martyn.


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