Buying and Selling stuff on eBay


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Jan 19, 2013
I buy and sell on ebay on occasion but have found it hard work recently.

Only ever done one car boot at Foxhall stadium (surrounded by woods/heath) outside of Ipswich.

Got there at 6am and it felt like I was in an episode of the walking dead.

They converged from every direction walking like zombies.
Spent the day watching our money tin and stuff like a hawke as a stream of people rifled through stuff offering less than ticket price, tried to short pay or even steal.
Like others decent cloths and kit at good bargin prices and some right rubbish kit amoungst it tbh.
rubbish kit tactic was there as give aways IE some one uming about somethings price - chuck an item in for free.
Sold everything and made some OK money but never again.

A mate had a row over a twenty pence mug once.
Bloke insistent he would only pay 15 pence for it and went on and on.
Mate took mug off him, smashed it and told him to sod off! 😯