Burton Joyce Road Stretch: Macmillan Charity Match - Saturday 25th June

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Aug 17, 2007
***Match Full***

I have all 20 pegs on the infamous 'Road Stretch' at Burton Joyce booked for Saturday 25th June, just into the new river season. This has been the central section of the home of the Riverfest final for the past 2 years (and again in 2022). You can park immediately behind every peg and can fish more or less any method with specimen chub, bream and barbel possible from any peg alongside plenty of roach, dace and perch. In the spirit of our MD Trent matches, this is not about winning mega-money, it's about a good day out and a chance to fish together.

The match is being run to support the fundraising efforts of Mrs Yucca, who is running the London Marathon in October in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. Everything raised in the match will go to Macmillan.

25th June, 9am draw, fish 10.30-3.30. Total cost will be £15 to include Macmillan donation, peg fees and £5 pools.

Draw will be in the river users car park (NOT the pub car park) opposite the Ferry Boat Inn, NG14 5HX or sardine.typed.paths if what3words is your thing)

To book onto the match:

1) Please make a donation to Mrs Yucca's JustGiving page (link below in orange) of £5 (feel free to donate more if you wish ;), but anything above £5 will not count towards the £15 match fee)

Just as a heads up, if you need to pull out after you have made that donation, it's not something I can refund!

Mrs Yucca's JustGiving Page

2) On JustGiving, Please put your Maggotdrowners username as either the name you are making the donation in, or the comment box when you make it. If you can post on here that you've made it, it'll just make doubly sure that I add you to the list.

3) Once that has been made, I will add you to the list on here.

4) On the day, please bring the other £10 per angler cash.

Ashfield Angling have very kindly offered to donate their entire peg fees to Macmillan, so if we fill all 20 pegs, £200 will go to Macmillan.

I will leave myself off the list for now - if we don't fill it, I'll fish but if there are 20 others who do want to, I won't. The Ashfield match rules are attached - please ensure that you read these. The main 2 rules to be aware of are:
  • No barbel over 5lb to be retained - they must be weighed and returned
  • You must use 2 keepnets, with a 50lb net limit.
For my own reference, there must be a large unhooking mat under the weigh sling at the weigh in.

The link to the complete Ashfield rules is here, which must be followed in the match: Ashfield Rules

This is a list of tagged people from the previous 2 Trent matches (who either fished them or showed interest in it) - this is purely to bring it to your attention - if you want to fish this one, then please join as per the instructions above, and obviously, also feel free not to!

@gixer 13 @Krh57 @Scribe @Neil ofthe nene @IanG1 @Me and my lad @Pyffy @ravey @mattnewark @Northantslad @160642fishing @ged @Nick @Paul k @rd115 @jononcb @baldpaul @Arch @ulladubulla @Team KDB @Peter @Dave @Zerkalo @notneeded @rob6709 @Whisker

1 Scribe*
2 Bricky72*
3 Yuccaman*
4 Jononcb*
5 Kirtons*
6 Gutsy*
7 Ravey*
8 Ulladubulla*
9 160642fishing*
10 Me and My Lad*
11 Krh57*
12 IanG1*
13 RD115*
14 Gixer 13*
15 Fugley Fisher*
16 Pyffy*
17 Zerkalo*
18 Fish4alarf*
19 Paul K*
20 Wardee*
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Jul 4, 2019
Hopefully I'll be about for this. Going to Chard Res for what's meant to be the last two weeks of June but I think I might just go there for a week instead, I'll check.


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Jul 31, 2016
Done, please add me, looking forward to this. (y)

Thanks for organising this and any help you need, let me know.


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Apr 21, 2018
Stick me down please. Completed donation.
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