Bucko's Charity Opens 2015


21/03/06 - 05/12/15
In Memoriam
Mar 21, 2006
Buckos Charity Opens 2015 July 04th
Glen Ribbons 109lb.07
Jake King 57lb 07
Mark Sceggs 31lb.07
Mick Bassett 27lb 14
Stuart Poole 26lb.06
Kevin Nightingale 23lb.02
Darren Ribbons 22lb 08
Neil Crozier 21lb.06
Andy Bebbington 17lb.07
Pete Tapp 17lb.01
Tony Ward 14lb.07
Phil Burgess 13lb.13
Steve Parker 11lb.03
Dave Pontin 09lb.00
Garry Toole 07lb.02
Dave Chilton 02lb 12

Only 16 fished
No holding back today for Glen Ribbons with winning weight of 109lb.07 from peg 37 on Alders at Shearsby Valley Lakes in Buckos Charity Opens 2015 to lead the field by 50 odd pounds on the day, Jake King was the only other angler to go over 50lb with second weight of 57lb. 07 and feeling like a dip due to the hot weather during the match.
Third Mark Sceggs based in Northampton finished with 31lb. 07 with many others struggling to build a decent weight during the five hours with most of the carp still looking for those scaly lovers.

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