Bucko's Charity Opens 2015 Final


21/03/06 - 05/12/15
In Memoriam
Mar 21, 2006
Hi All.

Results of the above fished at Holly Farm Final on Trotters Pool and Summer Trophy on Moby Pool,Saturday 12th September 2015.
Bucko's Charity Final Holly Farm 12th September 2015,
Darrel Moore 32lb.05 Non -Disabled Champion
Ben Speaks 25lb.10
Glenn Ribbons 21lb.14
Mark Aikens 21lb.13 Sec B,
Ray Harris 19lb.05
John Holmes 16lb.14 Disabled - Champ Sec A
Steve Parker 16lb.08
Mick Mossop 10lb.02
Fred Bishpam 09lb.11
Luke Downing 08lb.04 Sec D
Pete Tapp 07lb.10 Sec C
Stuart Poole 07lb.09
Bob Sear 06lb.12
Andy Bebbington 06lb.10
Phil Burgess 05lb.08
Martin Payntor 05lb.06
Garry Toole 04lb.10
Dave Keech 03lb.06
Dave Pontin 02lb.08
Kev Nightingale 01lb.10
Paul Townsend D.N.W.
Archie Osborne D.N.W.
Darren Ribbons D.N.W.
Dave Markham D.N.W.
Mark Skeggs D.N.W.
John Buxton D.N.W.

Summer Trophy 2015.
David Holmes 20k.200 Kilo's Winner
Steve Hansford 19k.700 Sec A
Tony Ward 12k.950 Sec B
Mick Ribbons 16k.250
David Chilton 13k.225
John Parrott 11k.625
Jim Downing 8k.100
Phil Wilkinson 07k.950
David McClennon 03k.825
Scott Tapp D.N.W.

Thanks to all who fished and have supported me for the last ten years,



Luke D.
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May 1, 2007
John/Lynn - Thanks for everything over the last 6 or 7 years ive fished with you, and also to the likes Glenn, Neil, Garry and Dave etc for their equal dedication in getting these matches to work and for the huge contribution to the various charities. It is real testament to your genuine dedication and selflessness that the fundraising lasted for so long, you should be exceptionally proud of what has been achieved. It was a shame the last match bowed out with such a grueller but the laughs and banter (as ever) continued to the end!

Im sure me and dad will be on the other MD's matches and i here has been rumbling of offshoot charity matches - lets try to make it happen lads!


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Jul 21, 2003
Even though it looks like it wasn't a great days fishing, I wish I could have been there on Buck's last Charity final. Sadly other commitments prevented this.
I'd like to echo what Luke has said and thank John & Lynn for their hardwork & dedication and for introducing me to a great bunch of guys & to fish venues I may never have visited were it not for Bucko's matches. On top of that John & Lynn have raised thousands for charity[:T]

I'll be there for any matches you take on for MD' s John and hopefully if someone does take on some Charity match organising I'll do my best to support those too.
Hope we can all get together again soon and once again my sincere thanks and best wishes to John & Lynn.


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Jun 10, 2003
I think that all who have attended Bucko,s matches over the years, should give a fantastic thanks to both John and Lyn. for all those matches that they have organised for charity. We all know that you cannot please every one all the time, but this splendid couple of people have gone out of there way to try and ensure every angler had a good day. The thousands of pounds that they, and you anglers have collected for charity, has been a wonderful show of what anglers and the organisers can do, for a good cause.