Bucko and Lynn Memorial Match


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Jun 30, 2011
Bucko and Lynn Memorial match
Firstly I would like to thank all that turned out for the memorial we all no Bucko was a top bloke and Lynn was always with him every match he raised over the years thousands so me, Glenn Ribbions and Alan Buxton really think you are top lads turning up from all over the country just go to show how much he was loved.

Anyway we would like to thank Dan Hull, Adrian Hull his wife Ju Ward thank you for looking after us and allowing us to stay Fri night fantastic night also as most know with all this Covid s**t that's been going on hooked for hero's cancelled Shearsby so we decided to try raise a bit of cash, all anglers that fished donated 5 quid and with a raffle we managed to raise 315 quid thanks again, finally Darren Acton & Clive Hamilton with sorting pegs out and weighing carp lakes thanks a lot so the results. .

Willow 1st
Damian Green 74lb 9oz
Section 1
Glenn Ribbons 49lb
Section 2
Alan Knight 53lb 3oz

Sunset 1st
Mark Skeggs 50lb 7oz
Section 1
Andy COOKSLEY 46lb
Section 2
Paul Hardy 29lb 10oz.

Hurricane 1st
John Shellard 66lb 3oz
Section 1
Steve Davies 39lb 12oz
Section 2
Luke Perkin 55lb 12oz
Section 3
Roger Clarke 33lb 9oz
Section 4
Darren 37lb 5oz

Tornado 1st
Clive Hamilton 70lb 13 oz
Section 1
Danny Lamb 56lb 9oz
Section 2
Darren Acton 69lb 4oz
Section 3
Simon Blackwell 45lb 12oz
Section 4
Tinny Tintin 46lb 9 oz.

So the champion for this year's Bucko Cup is the awesome Damion Green well done mate

Fri night results 1st
Luke Perkins 115lb
2nd Clive Hamilton 70lb

once again thank you all.