Browning Syntec Club Match XL

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Apr 18, 2002
Oh well in for a penny in for a pound as i am new i may as well make myself look daft [:D].

I posted elswhere on this forum i recently started fishing again after 3 years but this time i wanted to try and keep the cost down this time. Anyway while i was looking around for a cheap waggler rod i found the Browning Syntec Club Match XL in a local tackle shop. Browning was the last name i had thought of buying to be honest but i picked up the rod and was suprised at just how thin and light the blank was. It is very well finnished with single leg lined rings (15 plus tip) and a graphite reel seat. The butt is cork with just a small 5 or 6 inch foam section at the bottom. The rod is black/dark grey with black whipings and gold and red graphics. A good quality rod bag is also supplied.

Right to how it performed. On the second time out since starting again i used the rod on a local free pond, i caught Roach from 2oz and Bream up to 4lb 5oz using a 1.7lb hooklength with a 20 barbless hook. The Browning was equally at home with the tiny Roach as it was with the Bream. I was genuinely amazed with it, no longer do you have to spend hundreds of pounds for a quality item.

The shop where i bought the rod from had it priced at 52 and i got him down to 48 even though he said it was already reduced [:D].

If i had to give it marks out of 10 i would give it 9, i cant give it 10 because nothing is perfect is it.
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