Ended Browning Keepnet, Matrix Ethos Carryall XL 65L, Sensas Pole Roller, Various Elastics, Hooks and Terminal Tackle.

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Jul 10, 2019
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Matrix Ethos Carryall XL (65L) - Very, Very little use - £45.
Browning 'Carpa' Keepnet - Very Little Use - £25.00.
Sensas Pro-V Roller (Used) - £35.00.

Terminal Tackle. All New unless stated otherwise.


2x Middy Hi-Viz 18-22 Hollow Elastic £7.00 Each.
1x Drennan Hollow Bungee 18-20 - 7.50
1x Drennan Carp Bungee 10-12 - 7.50
1x Matrix Slik Hybrid Elastic 18-20 - 6.50
1x Preston Durahollo 17 Elastic - 10.00

Hook Bundle (RRP £38.50 / Lot) - 25.00 Delivered.

2x Drennan Method Hair Rigs - Size 18 to 6lb.
2x Drennan Margin Carp 8 to 8lb
1x Margin Carp 10 to 8lb
1x Margin Carp 12 to 7lb
1x Carbon Feeder 12 to 6lb (Micro Barb)
1x Carbon Feeder 10 to 7lb (Micro Barb)
1x Drennan Micro Barbed Specimens Size 12
5x Preston KKM-B Eyed Barbless Hooks Size 14
+ 2x Drennan Flexible Float Links

Other Terminal Tackle -

3x Maxima Chameleon Line 2Lb - 250M Spools - £12.00 (Lot) *SOLD*
5x Matrix Power Micron Line - 3x 1.36LB Spools 1x 2.16Lb Spools 1x 2.68Lb Spools - £14.00 (Lot.)
2x Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon Leader 183M - £10.00
3x Matrix Squeeze N Feed Method Moulds + 1 Unbranded Mold (4 Total) - £7.00 (Lot)

Will upload pictures later, if not on request.
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