Broom fisheries Scotland and thanks for the paste lesson and use of your kit


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Dec 23, 2014
Been staying at broom fisheries in Scotland near Annan, fished a couple of days with limited gear due to vehicle space restrictions and I apparently couldn’t leave my mrs and kid at home.

Met a really helpful bloke today I think he was called Dave he taught me how to paste fish and even met me use his pole and bait etc as I didn’t have mine with me if your a member here I’m really appreciative of your time equipment and thank you for the rig.

I caught the largest fish I’ve ever caught on a pole thanks to his help, the day before I landed a near double figure carp on my ultra lite waggler rod on 3lb line and 2lb6 hooklink too been a great few days and would recommend here to anyone.



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Jan 3, 2021
Really nice when someone helps. When I was fly fishing and making a total **** up of casting, another angler was casting really well and catching trout. I went over and asked what fly he was using. Straight off he gave me a copy of the fly he was using. Then he kindly asked if I was struggling casting into the wind ( too right I was and it was obvious). So he put his rod down and offered me some casting coaching. After a while he left me to it but I could hear him shouting I was getting the hang of it.
I’ve ‘fly fished’ for years but was chuffed someone helped and I really appreciated it. Every day a school day etc etc.