Brolly wrap system


Jan 10, 2007
Hi all

I am more of a match fisherman but have the odd overnighter throughout the year, I currently use a nufish 50 inch brolly.

i have seen the the JRC defender brolley wrap system.

are these systems universal and any good?

are these quick to use?

are they anything else worth looking at?

many thanks


John Step

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Nov 29, 2016
I am in a similar position as to having the odd night or two amongst other disciplines.
I started with an A Direct own job at about £90 which was very good for the price but as a 6.2 high bloke I found the entrance too low.
I had been searching for something higher for ages and noticed the brolly systems were higher than out and out bivvies.

I have ended up with a Trakker 100 TALL brolly cum bivvy. Not cheap. I had to buy a "skull Cap" as an extra but dont need the door and groundsheet as I have never closed the door up rain or shine.

If you are happy (ish) with a 50 inch brolly is there an overwrap to fit your brolly that would give better all round protection. I know Daiwa used to do them.

It took a while to find my present acquisition as you just cant beat seeing things first hand in the flesh.