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Mar 19, 2002
Broadheath in worcester is fishing its nuts off!!

The sycamor pool is responding well to worm down the side and to corn and maggot fishd up in the water at varous depths.

The old pool is a little clear at the moment but there is still carp to be caught as well as scores of rudd and tench to go for as well, caster and maggot up in the water is scoring for all species, as well as handfulls of maggots down th side for the larger carp.

What can i say about the Willow pool accept that again it is fishing its nuts off to maggot up n the water as again all species are coming up in the upper layers of the water even the tench!!! Maggot down the side accounts for the larger carp and worm will find you barbel and tench.

I cant tell u much about the Ash pool as it seems like no one wants to fish it, big hint really and i havent fished it lately so i cant say much about it.

The island pool is fishing very well with the maggot feeder cast tight to the island catching plenty of carp in the 1lb to 6 lb region as well as big roach and rudd, small hooks and light lines are the order there with single baits on a running rig being the best option.

The top pool is seeing bags of around 60lb coming in pleasure sessions, and coming to corn.meat and caster with maggot accounting for small silvers and crucians but up in the water tactics are also scoring well.

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