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Mar 19, 2002
Broadacres is in fine form as many fish in the bottom pool are waking up to feed, many fish are being taken in the side margins with maggot and corn, up in the water tactics are also working very well too with caster being the preffered bait with 3 red maggots on the hook. The roach are responding to up in the water with single maggot on the hook and some specimens over 2 lbs have been caught!

The stock pool is going crazy as the smaller carp are ravenous for maggots corn and meat, fishing 6 metres in front of you or in the margins score very well and up in the water tactics with maggot are bringing alot of better sized specimens too. The roach are responding well with specimens landed on chopped worm and caster.

The silver fish pool is waking up, as match weights exceed 20lb, and the tench are willing to feed on maggot and caster, this will be a great pool to fish on in the next coming weeks.

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Not open for further replies.