Brief Report on the North Level Fish-in

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05/10/01 - 18/10/02
In Memoriam
Oct 5, 2001
Saturday 17/Sunday 18 August
North Level Fish-in

I arrived at the Tydd Gote in at 7.45 AM precisely and surprisingly!
I had arranged to see Martin at exactly this time and it is unlike me to be so prompt!

The pub caters for the hours frequented by Anglers, so we obtained a welcoming cup of coffee and for those that required it, a full Breakfast.
Dai had travelled up from Wales the night before and Ray and his wife Janet would be joining us later.

Martin had decided where we would fish, but also had the responsibility of running an Open match today, from 10.00 until 3.00 and on Sunday, 3 more matches.

Ray and Jan duly arrived and we set off.

The journey was less than a mile and we drove behind the pegs on the North Level Drain.

Heres Dai, setting up on a flatter part of the Drain.


Whilst Ray searches for a flat piece for Jan to Fish.

Subsequently he moved to Dais side of the stretch, as here there was a more level platform.

Everyone except Phil and I set up there!
Sammy set up a Pole between Dai and myself, but as her sister came for a visit, Sammy never actually got around to fishing!


I set up on the sloping section, with Phil to my right.
Feeding Caster and hemp, I fished worm and within 5 minutes, succeeded in catching this Perch

Sadly, that was it until I caught a small Roach late on into the evening.

We visited the pub that evening and on return, talked for a while before Ray and Janet went into their Bivvy ready for an early start.
I (unable to drink due to an anti-biotic course) soon fell asleep and Dai retired early after a smashed feeder set-up.

The next day, I had been unsuccessfully fishing for an hour, when a violent thunderstorm erupted.
Abandoning the kit, I went with Martin to the pub, returning for a 3-hour chat with Dai, whilst I leisurely packed away my drying kit!

Jan and Ray left early afternoon, Ray with more successful fishing than any of us and I just after 6 pm.

I caught just the 2 fish on Saturday; Ray had about a dozen mixed Roach, Bleak and Perch, whilst Dai did find skimmers on the feeder.

However, as usual, the fish-in was great for the craic and at one time, when Dai and I were setting the world to rights over a cup of tea, he made me laugh by stating (in that lovely accent)

Do you know, Im watching that tip, praying it stays still, so I dont have to move and spoil our chat

Thanks Dai, I felt just the same!
Here he is at Dawn

Great stuff Martin, Ill be back for our Zander, our Piking and probably just for another great chat day in your cracking Company.



Ziptrev pug.gif Shouldn't happen to a DOG!


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Aug 11, 2001
As is always the case with a Maggotdrowning Meet the fishing comes second as the company more than makes up for any short fall in the fishing.

Can't wait for the Welsh One over the weekend see you all there.

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