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New member
Sep 11, 2020
Hi All,

I have just registered and I am not new to angling but I have only ever pleasure fished at a very basic level. I have recently got new gear, 2 x carp rod outfits, a feeder rod outfit and a match rod outfit.

I have spent around 7 days over the last month at various stretches along the King Sedgemoor Drain (KSD) here near Bridgwater, Somerset which is one of BAAs waters. I have been using my match rod with a stick float to trot maggots around 4ft deep and my feeder rod both ledger and feeder fishing and all I can seem to hook is very small (hand size) silver fish and the odd perch.

I have tried a roving approach walking the river alp day using just my feeder rod and a fixed approach In the same swim at a ‘hotspot’ using both outfits.

I have used groundbait, mixed in a bucket and not riddled, which contained sweetcorn, 4mm pellets, chopped work, hemp and combinations of all the above. My approach to feeding has been to chuck out around 6 tennis sized balls and then drop the ledger in and around it. Float fishing wise I would do the same upon arrival and then just chuck a handful of maggots every so often.

My hookbaits have been maggot, caster, sweetcorn, worm, cheese paste and luncheon meat.

I have mixed between using size 16, 14 and 12 Kamasan hooks tied to a 3lb hook length with 8lb line on the feeder rod and 3lb line straight through on my float rod.

I appreciate this is information overload and there are so many variables and I also understand that fishing rivers for larger fish is more difficult.

Can anyone offer me any advice as to how to net a decent sized bream, silver fish, chub or tench. I am not fussed about getting the biggest but just something that offers a bit more excitement than the hand sized fish. I really like this drain and it is very easy to get to so I want to spend time mastering it although I am a long way off yet!