Bricky silvers league match 5 5/01/19


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Sep 7, 2015
Today’s match seen us vist jansons for final time in this league on there aptly named silvers lake (that’s got more vermin in than silvers) after last weeks md match on here we thought be few fish caught
It was a cold day with slight breeze that made it feel colder weather apps saying wind chill of minus 3 and it felt it as day went on
So on to match and start away Will was hooking vermin and ended up with 57lb of them to claim his vermin prize that we run on this venue
On to rest of match was just a blur for most of us as it was very hard and bites were at a premium but at least gutsy was in fine form with his banter and story telling of which I not go into incase of liability court proceedings
This match also seen the winning run of Paul greensmith come to a end after 4 straight section wins he was brought back to earth with last in section (as gutsy then announced who 1st bloke to beat Paul of next peg during silvers this year no mention of who it was as don’t like to give him publicity)
Nearly half anglers struggled to get silver fish while other half were catching more regular
In particular the two cheeky youngsters that fish the league (that have that smile on there faces when catching that you really do want to slap of them ) which saw them win there sections well done Charlie and Jake (sorry not pictures of winners today )
And we had 1st vist of year by a new memeber on this match so big welcome to him

Thanks to everyone who turned up and don’t forget we got two matches on this venue in next years league booked so get your excuses ready to explain your absence

Below is weigh sheet for match


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