Bricky’s silvers match 9. 9/3/19


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Sep 7, 2015
Today was the penultimate match in this years league with 13 hardy souls turning up despite the horrendous weather forecast (40 mph plus winds and rain )

This match was on carp lake at Rycroft fishiery after the usual breakfast and debate where wanted to be the draw was made in the dry then as everyone setting up the heavens opened and boy do it rain lucky in missed some of it sorting peg fees pools out sat in van

At the start if was interesting to see different methods being used feeder long pole (gamble in wind ) short pole with most that used pole struggling to hold it steady enough but everyone seemed to be getting odd fish and bites so all seemed good ( knew people getting bites as it was quiet all round lake )lol

So as we got to end of match some interesting weights came up here are top 4 s match breakdowns with few pictures below as well ( rogues gallery comes to mind ) here below are section one two match reports

1st Danny peg 10. 24 lb 8oz. Danny fished 3 lines throughout the match to put his weight together fishing at 11 ,meters over groundbait with dead maggot 8 meters over groundbait with live maggot and at 2 plus 2 with loose fed maggot alternating between all 3 lines to keep fish coming

2nd Curts peg 8 22lb. 3oz starting of on feeder at approx 15 turns ( what is wrong with saying 20yards or distance) with pinkie as hook bait to get one skimmer in 1st hour a switch to pole at about 7 meters where he’d put some groundbait in at start and loose fed regular while on feeder with maggot on hook to get majority of his fish with a few coming to caster and a worm head

1st gutsy peg 14. 16lb 8oz. Again another angler opting for feeder (his favourite method ) at approx 25 turns which is conservative for him as normally he would chuck to platform opposite him no matter if someone on there lol with pinkie and caster in feeder and pinkie and worm on hook his catch rate increased towards end of match
He also tried pole as when wind would allow ( but not his air as was windy raining his air pole as got rickets from being in bag it only comes out when 30 degrees and not a sign of wind lol ) but majority of fish came to feeder

2 nd graham peg 28 12lb 13oz graham caught majority of his fish down the edge of his reeds beds either side of him on worm due to the wind he struggled to hold pole past 8 meters during most of match and caught a few late on at 8 meters on pinkie as wind eased

After today’s match it has made the league top 5 (main money prizes ) very close with 4 points separating 8 anglers who are vying for places 2/3/4/5 as league number one been claimed already so next weeks match could see few twists and turns especially if these anglers draw in opposite sections as it could come down to overall weight


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