Bricky’s silvers league match 4. 01/12/18


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Sep 7, 2015
Today’s match was at another new venue for the league on jansons Aubrey lake on arrival it was a dry cool morning with expectations of wind rain maybe after we had set up which was the the case with a wind blowing down the lake majority of the day and few showers early on during match
As this was one of few times this lake been fished for predominantly silvers using natural baits and no groundbait it wasn’t know what to expect or what pegs to draw
We had 7 anglers on each side of lake and a spare peg for each angler so plenty of room to switch lines or find the fish
As there are few vermin in this lake just for bit of fun we would weigh the vermin in as optional £1 man winner take all pool but with no bearing on league

Everyone was struggling to get run of fish together on either bank but as day went on the higher numbers were catching more fish then low numbers which is evident on weigh sheets below

Winner on day for 4th match was Paul Greensmith with 16lb 4oz of caster caught skimmers at 6 meters
2nd was will palmer with 13lb 2oz. Of maggot caught chub barbel skimmers
3rd was graham ( groundbait) Elliot with 12lb 12oz
4th was tie between Jake ( snake ) Egginton and Nigel ( gutsy ) Brailsford with 11lb 8oz of mainly barbel

Winner of vermin weigh was adey Reynolds with 36lb 12 oz

That’s it till January 5th again at jansons 5FA2F02D-B852-4844-8CCD-F6B34DE9202E.jpeg


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Jul 31, 2016
@bricky72 Not one of my better days :confused: Don't know why, but I just couldn't sett;le into the match. My best catch was nabbing a short walk to the peg !
Think I will go back to playing rugby, you get more bruises, but it's a lot easier than this fishing malarky :LOL: