Bricky’s silvers league match 3 17/11/18


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Sep 7, 2015
Today’s match seen us vist another new venue for this years silvers league bjs Fishiery at Weston on Trent
This is a relatively new lake with about 30 pegs it has some big bream up to 8lb plus in which if caught does wonders for your weight and position in match
It is stocked with the usual commercial classics rubbish/ And skimmers/ roach / bream/ barbel/ ide / chub / and ODD ORIENTAL ORNAMENTAL GOLDFISH (which don’t count)as it’s my league my rules lol )
On arrival we had doorstep egg bacon cobs cooked in a log cabin ( by the owners which was that warm we expected a Turkish masseur to come in)
On to draw and again with it being new venue know one knew what pegs would fish better than the others
But this is another Fishiery that as suffered with loss of water due to the warm dry summer which could be a interesting fact on lot of venues once it drops cold and frosts occur

Onto match and was our river fest qualifer charlie of peg 8 with 21lb 4oz who caught his fish alternating between 6m and 13 m the 6 m line he fished maggot over groundbait and he fished caster over his 13 m line catching skimmers and roach throughout the 5 hours

2nd was mr consistent Paul with 19lb 12oz of peg 5 which consisted of roach skimmers and a bonus 5lb bream which he caught in last half hour Paul caught his fish at ten meters using caster over groundbait

3rd was mr Elliot ( who catches carp to humour everyone) with 17lb 12oz from peg 4 graham caught all his fish at 16 meters on caster again skimmers roach on his Diana floating pole

4 th was Dave (bluey) Lewis with 12lb 8oz from peg 9 Dave caught all his fish at 8m fishing caster and feeding worm and caster

Thanks to everyone that fished and see you at jansons A33D209F-B4CD-4F58-93E0-6F53F6DE5BB1.jpeg 600F5C77-F5F9-40C7-8313-BD7E95E9E175.jpeg


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