Bricky’s silvers league match 1


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Sep 7, 2015
Round one 12/10/19

Donno lake part of rycroft fishiery
This lake is situated of the main complex with good head of silvers in here ( but also some big carp as will see later on )

There are 19 anglers on the league this year but due to work other commitments only 14 fished on the day
At the draw the usual craic was going around and bit of mickey taking
So to the draw and and as match organiser I always have 1 of the anglers to draw me a peg this time I picked colmic tackles new poster boy Charlie gooch who drew me peg two which I thought ok once I’d set up the resident carp decided to start jumping around to my left
I fed a line at 13.5 and had about 13-14 foot with groundbait and caster
But started short at top kit plus one and after about 20 mins had 1st fish then i was catching steady few decent roach and perch 4-6 oz fish then this slowed so went long with maggot to get even smaller roach so carried on and same results so came short again few more fish then the 1st of 17 carp to be hooked and lost so went long and same results start new line just loose fed and odd small silver then carp city ended up with carp 17 me 3 smashed rigs 17 lost hooks and thanks for coming

Here below are reports from the 1st 2 in the two sections as this is how we run league to spread money around so split it into 2 or 3 sections depending on numbers on day

Section a
Charlie gooch
Caught roach at 3 and 6 meters on gb and pinkie and skimmers at 13 on gb with caster

Daniel Morgan

Again caught short and had majorly of his weight in 1st 90 mins then carp moved in again mainly roach and small skimmers

Photos to be added later

Thanks to everyone who came and see you on 19th at Robinwood

Section b

Jake Egginton
Caught on caster on top kit plus 1 and 2 mainly roach perch
And worm at 11 again till carp moved in

Mark forshaw

Mark few two lines at 6 meters one with gb and caster one with loose fed caster with maggot caster on hook to catch roach perch skimmers