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Dec 3, 2002
So following last week trip we decided to return this week and fish another lake which is called the "predator" lake as it apparently has big bream and last week the baliff told us a few were being caught when we were fishing, the other lake.

This week there was just three of us, myself, brother Alan and Chris. The lake was busy and all the best pegs (according to Chris who has fished it a few times) were taken already so we fished the other end of the lake with chris fishing to a gap between two islands and also allowed him to fish both ends of the island, i fished to the left on teh end of the island and alan was to my left and last swim on the bank. All the hot pegs were too our right with the swim 3 to chris right being "THE" peg on the lake apparently.

casting out it was 3ft everywhere, same for all three of us though its slightly deeper to the right. Alan decided on the pole, me and chris both on the tip, Alan wasnt feeling his swim at all and decided to have a silvers day rather than bream.

I decided to starts 3m off the island, Chris friend turned up and he fishes there a lot and said Chris would batter us but also the trick is to cast as tight to the island as possible, there is no ledge by the island so still 3ft deep, but i never like start tight to a island as nowhere to go.

Anyway first cast and my feed link which was a link on a plastic two bead thingy decided to implode and somehow i lost the feeder and the link had one half left on the line, hence to say first and last time i used them and now in the bin! (live and learn) so clip on the large feeder on the second rod and two quick casts just to get some bait in the swim before i set up the small feeder rig again. Small feeder was tiny 15g mesh feeder and was using a mix of 60% groundbait and 40% micro pellets (worked well last week!) and started red maggots on the hook, first cast with hook on and 30 seconds a decent tug and a 1lb skimmer was a fantastic start and surprising as its been cold!

Next 4 casts and nothing, not even twitching was working and more worrying neither alan or chris had had a bite between them, next cast another tiny 3oz skimmer and then a pattern started for the first hour, either it was a bite within 30 seconds of the feeder landing or nothing! chris was catching the same as me and alan was catching roach on the pole.

Last week it was a case of few maggots in the feeder and mostly gbait so as i wanted bream i changed back to the big feeder and started putting lots of maggots in the feed, this worked well for the next hour though still mostly small 3oz skimmers but some 6-12oz among them but zero roach! Al was still catching and Chris had two big bream, 5lb each, out of the blue, one on corn and one on bandem.

So decided on a more focused bait and even 3 of 4 red maggots was catching the tiny skimmers, and now i was casting and leaving each cast a good 10 mins, hence the bigger feeder for more bait but less disturbance with less casts, switched to a 14 hook with a whole worm split in half (typically find 2 halves better than one whole) and a a red maggot. sure enough another twitchy bite but this met solid resistance when i picked the rod up and a satisfying heavy lump was on! few minutes later and a cracking bream around 6lb was in the net, lovely chunky fish. next cast and quicker this time a positive pull and bream number 2 of about 5lb.

now i think i have it sorted! so stayed with what i was doing, next cast a 1lb skimmer, then a 1.8lb skimmer, then a 4lb bream (literally took on the drop as the rod pulled round as i was sinking the line! chris had a 3rd then 4th bream as well on worms as he asked what i was catching on and going into the last 2 hours we were battling it out for the honours with Alan happily catching skimmers and roach on the pole.

so i hooked bream number 4 and it lept out of the water like a marlin once it realised it was hooked, but the hook pulled 30 second later and i feared the worst as had this before and can be a killer! sure enough went really quiet so back on maggots to catch tiny skimmers, also tried a few casts much closer to the island which got a few bonus fish but only small skimmers, then another pull round as i sunk the line and bream number 5 was hooked though again the hook pulled about 4 rod lengths out which made Alan laugh and Chris added two more bream to his tally and was having a cracking time!

So into the last hour and it simply stopped, for all of us, even started catching some roach which wasnt good and added maybe another 1lb as i sat out for a bream! i ended up with around 22lb, chris reckoned he had around 35lb, all would have just nudged double figures on the pole. Was a great day and loads learned though one thing two people were fishing opposite chris and just to his right on the other side of the island, both fishing poles but also had method feeder rods out and Chris counted 26 bream between them and 2 carp so they had a amazing day, the bailiff said the same guys were on the same pegs last week and had a cracking day and he also said method feeder seemed the most successful even in winter on the lake!

So something to try next time! tight lines all


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Jul 4, 2019
Another good report and enjoyable read! Well done for catching a few Bream at this time of year. I am waiting until next year for my Bream fishing now.