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Ian White

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Apr 19, 2002
Simple one this could anyone tell me the pros and cons of braid over normal mono lines and wath is the best line or braid thay have used for feeder fishing
All the best Ian White


Oct 8, 2002
Well the main difference is braid has little or no stretch, where as mono stretches loads. When fishing with braid you get much better bite detection, but usually hav to hav a shock leader of powergum or mono to stop hook pulls. I Use Drennan Feeder Braid and havent had any problems with it. I also use it right the way through just hav the mono hooklength as a shock absorber.

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Apr 12, 2002
Hiya Ian have you had a look at this weeks Angling Times, it gives you a test on most of the braids.

2/3 seasons ago i changed to using braid for my feeder work (i used the feeder Tension braid). and although you get a better bite indication because of the virtual non stretch, i found especialy with skimmer fishing i lost a number of fish even using power gum (bungees) or shock leeders and a soft action rod, it also takes longer to get the quiver tip set up because it takes longer to sink the braid and if you're getting bites quickly you get side tracked to setting the tip up instead of hitting those early indications,
braid can also be prone to wind knots, which are a devil to get out, to over come that its best to use a feeder that takes a bit more weight and realy punch it out on the cast,

so unless you looking to fish long distance 50yds +
i'd stick to mono, [IMO]
you can get some mono's now with minimal stretch i think Preston's do one called Reflo, so check them out at your local tackle shop,

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