Boilie/Particle Catapult


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Jun 25, 2018
I'm in the market for a new catapult for boilies and particles, mainly hemp possibly sweetcorn.
Hopefully to be used next year on a water with a nice island at 20-30 meters.
I did have the Drennan boilie pult in mind but wondered if this would handle hemp and corn too.
Recommendations much appreciated.
I'm also not fussed if I have to buy two catapults or one that will do both jobs.
Currently I have the Drennan light range waggler catapult and the Drennan soft feed 20-30 meter groundbait catapult.
Would either of these be suitable?
forgive my ignorance but it's been a while since I have had to bait up with boilies and hemp and such short range.


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Oct 3, 2004
The problem with using a boilie pult for particles is distance. fire a boilie, no problem but particles will fly all over the place. My personal choice would be something that's made for particles, but then, getting particles to 20 - 30 metres with accuracy is pushing it. Your best bet would be to put particles in balls of groundbait and use the Drennan Soft Feed Groundbait catty.