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Jul 3, 2018
aha, Ive had better luck then, tried the new XLS tubes in my old preston blue hardcase earlier and they just squeezed in

been sorting out older poles most the afternoon, decided just to keep a tourney pro and a couple of 510's for carping and spares, and try and get rid of the rest,

my whips fit into 4 tubes, all tourney pros, 2 complete (one at 8, one at 10, 6 topkits, 3 spare 4's 2 spare 5's and a spare 6, enables me to set up 6 whips between just a top kit out to 10mtrs, though i find using them over 8 mtrs tiring on the wrist

these fit into just a short quiver type carryall
Just ordered a red Daiwa Air XLS holdall from Bobco for £100 (a Tournament version is out soon!!). And some Preston slip lubricant for my new Connoisseur ?. Hopefully selling my 6 & 12 tube almost new Daiwa Air holdalls will get me halfway, the rest Christmas money off Mum ♥️


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Apr 23, 2008
recieved my order from "protectapole" yesterday

and very nice they are too, look to be very well made and are from pure PTFE, should extend the life of the pole a fair old bit, total costing to do all the big sections, the no3's and the new bushes came to just over £123, which I thought was very good value for such a well made product

will spend today fitting the section cones and top kit cones and bushes, then elasticate them with the new ultracore from Nick gilbert

have also got a fair old job to do in cleaning up and listing the sections and conditions of the earlier mandrel poles I have for sale

had a fair bit of interest from the classified listing, so have got to get this right on

proper busy