Bloody Numpty I am.

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Feb 28, 2004
I got shut of my poles 2 years ago. However my mucker loaned me a pole a couple of months back. I dont know why, but he did.
Well it was an old margin pole he had off me when I was getting rid of stuff. A Browning 7 metre margin aggressor. A beast of a pole.
This week I realy fancied having a pop with it but after using it a couple of weeks ago for an hour I found the elastic was to beefy and to tight for what I wanted and so I renewed it.
Id been told that Midi Hi Viz was back on the market and as that was the only elastic I ever used when I was into it that was that.
Into the shop and there was the familiat Middy bright yellow and bright orange. Exactly what I wanted. Being parked on double yellows outside it was in and out and gone.
I noticed that the price of the yellow was twice the price of the orange but "Hey ,how many times have anglers been a victim of that scam. Take it off the shelves, see how people miss it and then bring it back at triple the price"???? Common practice in fishing gear.
Being in a hurry I cynically assumed it to be the case again.
It was when I came to taking it out and threading it up that I noticed I had got hollow elastic.
I had never used it before and so in it went as usual through 2 sections.
First chuck yesterday on the paste. Lifted into a lump and out went the laccy, and out, and out, and out, and out. It was bloody awful. I had no idea whatsoever how big the cod was on the other end or what species it was even. I had zero control over it with 7 metres of pole and thirty metres of bloody elastic out.
One good thing was that it cured my mates hiccups. He was doubled up laughing and stealing the urine.
After just basicaly holding onto the pole in Newport for what seemed to be half the morning with this lump somewhere over by Cardiff railway station it started to come in and I saw the tail and indeed it was a carp. The way it felt on the laccy I had it pegged for a big slab. I called Ken over to net it and got up off my seat and walked backwards.
I now have Ken trying to net the fish and 4 nosy anglers on my peg between myself and the fish. Im 20 yards away with the pole up in the air walking backwards up the hill and I cant see a bloody thing as regards were the fish is and my peg is heavily reed fringed.
Suddenly from above my head comes the sound of crumbling carbon fibre and there is the 2 section hanging like a giant swingtip, fortunately as it goes so does Ken with the net and theres an 8lb common.
The broken section was only a universal top set and I have several of those still hanging around so nothing lost there.
Tell you what though [:D][:D] I felt a right t*t [:D][:D]

dave the fish

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Mar 10, 2003
Blokey, Im going to have a word with Malc and get you in as a guest on the last Jinx match at Rolfs.[:D][:p] We wouldnt laugh Honest!!!!!!.

We will have to get a police escort though, so the carp can cross the M40 safely[:p]


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Sep 18, 2001
You total and utter Numpty.[:p][:D][:D][:D]


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Oct 26, 2004
Talking of margin poles - we've just elasticated hamish's new
Beastmaster Margin 850 with black hydro set tight through the top
two (actually sections 2 & 3, we left out the ultra-thin No1 ).

Does this sound like a reasonable setup?

I ask, because when we tested it, the 'angler' felt a lot of
resistance and had to pull hard to extend the laccy, but the
one being the 'fish' and holding the end hardly felt anything
but a light upwards pressure. Is this normal?


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Nov 28, 2004
You total noddy Barry[:D][:D]

Guess you aren't used to using a winder bung[;)] With that high viz you could probably get away with with one metre in a two metre top kit and still I'd be having it turned a few winds on a bung.

Having said that.......... an 8lb carp on yellow is not the best idea[:0]


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Jun 18, 2004
Bloody Numpty??? I wouldn't be that generous....Regargless of what you did to my lovely margin pole (cost me a fortune that did[:p]), I still can't help but smile over the whole incident. The whole 7 meters stuck up in the air, the elastic stretched out to the otherside of the lake and the fish looking like it wasn't hooked at all. The shout for help as you dropped your landing net into the water, you going for a trek to the woods with the pole still held high as even more elastic came out. The snap of the (my) pole[:(](and this time the look on your face[:D]...), the fish making a last run into the weed and just as I get it in the net the line snapping...

All in a good days fishing with my buddy
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