Bloody carp


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Mar 19, 2012
Commercials have their place, they're great for matches, easy parking, food, toilets etc and they cater for the majority of anglers.
I think most people who want to catch silvers go on the rivers or canals and there are a lot of match anglers that only fish these places.
My fishing changes as I get bored of certain places/types of fishing so at the moment it's rivers and if I can find some, the odd estate lake/natural pond.

Pompous git

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Feb 2, 2017
Basically, even on this forum , there’s probably only really 20 + that constantly moan about carp and only want to catch silvers.....Now I know a few on here that purely fish for silvers, in matches, and you never once hear them moan 💁‍♂️They just go and fish 👍 point being that most on here are quite happy to catch carp and a bit of everything else in front of them , and never moan ....Now if I was running a commercial I would cater for the majority, the odd moaners could vote with their feet , and fish somewhere else
You never hear me moan:p