Bloodworms and Jokers help please

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Can someone give me any advise on how to use bloodworms and jokers properly. I know that you use the jokers as hookbait and feed bloodworm but what are the best hooks to use and how or what do you use with the bloods?
How long can they stay fresh as well and what are the best ways of keeping them.

Thanks in advance,



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Aug 8, 2001
Hi Simon and welcome to the forums,

Unfortunately you've got me on this one as they're not a bait I use often enough. Nevertheless i'm sure one of the others will be along shortly to help out


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Oct 5, 2001
Hi Simon,
Welcome to the friendliest forum on the net.
However, you got that completely wrong way round! Jokers are what you feed and you hook the bloodworm!
Right, your local shop should supply a match/or pleasure pack. Mine costs 7 match (1/2 kilo) and 9 pleasure and yes you get a kilo!!!!

The Joker comes wrapped in damp newspaper and when you get to the bank, you carefully unwrap and add Leam ( this is bought in plastic bags ready moistened and basically it is fine soil!) You can get grey, brown etc.
The leam is to add weight to the joker and take it to the bottom, allowing them to slowly dig their way out of it. They are active little beasts and kind of flick their way through the water. Just look at them when you buy them and you'll see what I mean.

Often, the match specialists buy a powder called Kryptonite (1.99 per bottle) This is Sprinkled on the mixture to bind even tighter the leam/Joker mass, allowing longer, slower escape and therefore feeding of the swim. It is referred to as just that 'a binder'

The bloodworm, is a bright red segmented worm, with a black head and forked tail about 1 1/2 inches long.
Matchmen often put them in a riddle, wash the soil away and cover them with a thin layer of water to keep them fresh and clean before hooking.

Use a 24 to 18 max sharp hook and some brands of hook are especially red coloured bloodworm hooks. Hook 1 or more through the black head end. It is said that up to 5 on an 18 hook will produce bites from big fish, but that has not been my experience!

Some people advocate laying the bloodworm on an open hand, 'cos the slightest squeeze when hooking the worm as you would a maggot,causes it to burst, spraying out red 'blood'.

Unused bait (both Joker and worm ),can be wrapped back in damp paper and laid on a shed or garage floor at this time of year and will keep for up to a week.
Add leam to all of the Joker for this, but Kryptonite only to what you are going to feed. (Some shops add the leam for you, at a price)

To fish traditionally, 4 to 5 balls of Joker are introduced to the swim at the start and single top up balls as required.
Smaller balls less infrequently in cold weather and more as the temp warms up as per usual.

Bloodworm, either singly or multiples are fished over the top.

In my experience, this bait brings loads of bites, but the stamp of fish are relatively small. I have tried and stuck it out with bloodworm, but I am not a matchman, pleasure anler only and I find the hooking process too fiddly, the smallness of the fish depressing and the loads of missed bites from presumably even smaller fish annoying.
It is obviously a tried and trusted, 'Hard conditions bait' and wins many matches and is that good it suffers bans, but its not my style of fishing.

However, like you , I believe experience is the only way to learn, so go for it!

You'll definitely catch on bloodworm, but what?



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Thanks Trev for the info it stopped me making a fool of myself at the bait counter :)
I'm on a club match tomorrow as a visitor and have a side bet going with a couple of the members so I might be in with a chance now.

Thanks once again, Simon


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Sep 18, 2001
You can also introduce the joker in groundbait, but if you are going to do this only add the joker at the last minute.
The reason for this is that most groundbaits contain salt,and nothing kills joker quite as effectivly as salt.Never mix joker into groundbait unless you are going to use it within half an hour.
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Aug 19, 2001
Have to dispute trev's leam theory - sorry mate. Always found leam to be a poor substitute to oh natural. Two methods. In crumb or neat via a cup. Dependent on both where your going and the colour of the water. Without that info can't help that much but one big tip - if it's clear cup it neat, its always a winner. caster over the top was always a good way of finding the better fish aswell. It brings back memories the bloodworm. Out of interest the biggest arguement against the bait was that it was unnatural and fish were becoming addicted to it. When i was young i believed that!! Crazy.

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