blokey pellets part 2

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chris w

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Oct 28, 2005
posted with barryblokes permission

Ive used this for tench and found it very effective for slabs as well on Woodstock.

Maple syrup ( any supermarket )and scopex. Semolina powder or instant mash. If you use this one keep a pot of water on your bait waiter its easier to handle with wet hands, in fact you could say that for most paste baits. You can incorprate any of the milk shake syrups as well ,strawberry etc .
2 bananas, cinnamon or curry powder and semolina powder gives you the banana spice paste.

One I used the other day and it worked really well on a difficult day was crab sandwich paste thickened slightly with cornflour or custard powder.

Liquidise catmeat and again thicken it to your requirements. The list is infinite and they realy work and they cost nothing in comparison to shop bought. The thing about paste as well is you dont need loads, so you can carry quite a few varieties dead easy.

Go to a commercial, take the crab one and have the bottle to take nothing else... you wont regret it . Hope this helps the guys who asked.

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