Blankety (Rod) Blank


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Jan 19, 2013
Dave Harrell has sent me an answer - Thank you Dave.

'Hi , The MAP Matchtek and Carptek Rods were built in China and had no link to Normark or Harrison.
They were very good rods at time and still are some of the best blanks I have used.'

Still none the wiser as to blank make - all I know is that fittings are Fuji.

Some of the best blanks I have used.
Rods 'built' in China.

This could be interpreted in many ways! 😉

david white

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Jan 6, 2011
Fair play Dave Harrell

genuine question
will Dave Harrell’s reply now be forwarded on to the seller who has mis - advertised the rod as quoted in the first post

mind you the last time I looked it hadn’t sold kind of speaks volumes

So can we assume from this thread that
not all the best rods were made on Japanese blanks ( certainly not in Mr Harrell’s opinion but he may be a tad bias having put his name to something 😀 )
that rods built on said Japanese blanks which have a cult following are ‘ over priced ‘

to be honest any rod ( or in reality any THING ) is only worth what the buyer is prepared to pay for it to own it