Blanked last week after heavy rain


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Jul 16, 2019
I had a blank session last week on a water which is considered to be a little difficult at times, but I've never blanked entirely there before, with a 2oz roach saving my bacon one day. In truth I don't really care if I blank, but I always like to try and learn something from the experience.

We'd had heavy rain the day before, although it was dry when I started to fish at about 5pm. 7pm brought a very hard rain storm which lasted about 20 minutes or so, wind gusting to 15mph during that, sun before and after. The lake itself is well down on its usual level. I am not sure of the reason. I'd say its currently about 5ft deep at the deepest point.

Bream were swimming about near the surface all late afternoon/evening, dozens of them, just roaming. I saw a couple of carp tail patterns in the margins too from 6pm onwards, plus plenty of bubbles and other activity across the lake.

At the end of the session I took a walk around the entire lake and noticed that the visibility in the water was atrocious, even in areas I know are very shallow and where you can usually clearly see carp resting. It just looked like the water was full of suspended mud and visibility couldn't have been more than a few inches at most. The lake is enclosed by a railway embankment on all sides, so I figured run off from that was to blame.

I asked fellow anglers and nobody had a touch all afternoon/evening.

Would this literally be a case of runoff clouding up the water, putting the fish off. Would there be anything the angler could do to overcome a situation like that?

I tried many different baits, several swims and feeds, not a single nibble for 5 hours between the lot of us.

In that situation, is it a give up and go home scenario?

Joe C

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Mar 14, 2018
Sounds like one of those sessions that would have us all scratching our heads