Biggest bags of the various species


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Mar 10, 2019
Following on from the 100lb of bream thread I thought it would be interesting to hear how big a weight people reckon they’ve had of each of the main species. Either from one species nets or guestimates when separating mixed bags.
Reckon mine would be as follows.

Carp: certainly 150lb plus maybe 175lb obviously stillwater.
Barbel: probably 50lb Stillwater, less than 10lb river
Roach: probably about 28lb Stillwater about 22lb river
Tench: about 25lb Stillwater
Bronze Bream: about 20lb both Stillwater and river
Grayling: maybe pushing 20lb obviously river
Brown Trout: a fairly standard coarse by catch aren’t they so pushing 15lb river
Perch: maybe about 15lb both Stillwater and river
Rudd: about 15lb Stillwater pushing about 2lb river
Crucian: about 12lb obviously Stillwater
Dace: about 12lb obviously river
Chub: less than 10lb Stillwater and river (worlds worst chub angler!)
Bleak: about 10lb river (what a miserable session that was!)
Silver Bream: big guess given the similarity to skimmers and hybrids but 4lb river
Gudgeon: about 1lb!
Ruffe: certainly sub 1lb!

Not being a match angler most of mine are guestimates and fairly modest (partly down to my relaxed approach, partly my incompetence!) but I’m sure some on here will have had some really impressive bags!
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Jul 4, 2019
Carp - I will only go on match weights as I remember doing around 150-160lb in a match at a small farm pond I forget the name of
Barbel - My second time I went I had 9 Barbel, only small, so I'd say 40lb
Bream - 42 Bream I'd say averaged 4lb but I'll be conservative and say 140lb
Roach - Probably 10lb in a day on a fishery
Chub - I'd say I'd got close to 30lb with 10 decent fish from the weir, when I had 11 and actually weighed them I had 26lb 14oz
Tench - Best is 13 fish in a day I'd say for 45lb
Gudgeon - Probably 3lb in a match back in the day, that wasn't bad for back then but I never did that good on canals
Perch - Perch only from a Canal I'd say 7lb but closer to 10lb from a fishery
Dace - Only had them in mixed bags so less than 3lb
Rudd - Never had a bag of them only the odd small one
Crucian - 10 fish (not including Brown Goldfish and small Kois) probably 6lb


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Dec 19, 2012
Carp - pleasure-approx 400lb ....match- 294lb ........F1 - match -284lb .......don’t really pleasure fish much, and don’t really fish for other species 💁‍♂️


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Mar 26, 2009
I can only go by match weights and guesstimates.
Bream- Don’t know exactly. In excess of 300lb,maybe over Four, Holland. Uk,80-90lb. Best match weight 64lb, River Yare.
Roach- Guestimated 70lb plus, Holland. 24lb best match weight. River Yare
Rudd - Estimated 100lb plus. Local reservoir. We estimated Three to the pound and at one time I timed myself to see how long it took to catch 100 fish. It took 45minutes. So that worked out at 33lb ish in 45 minutes. I only did it once. That was enough for me. Others had much bigger bags.
Gudgeon- 21lb, match lady capel, GUC
Tench- Estimated 35-40lb, Bures lake. Bures is renowned for big Tench. Sadly I caught numbers rather than specimens.
Chub- 80lb, estimated, on a local river after a storm had blown several trees into the river. One off opportunity and will probably never happen again. Most of the trees were pulled straight out of the river apart from one stretch of river where both controlling clubs kept quiet about them.
Crucians- probably about 20lb or so as a kid.
Carp- 197lb, match, local commercial.
Barbel- had Twenty in a day from the Severn. Probably about 100lb? Maybe less🤷‍♂️
Cant say that I’ve had specific bags of many other species. Maybe 10lb of Dace,2-3lb of bleak.
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Apr 23, 2008
One of my best ever catches

Was a near 50lb net of roach taken in mid winter through an inch of ice on a match at chequertree fishery

couldnt chuck the ice breaker very far, so had one line out to the front for around 6 metres, but broke out on either side a margin swim of about 3 to 4 metres, caught near every fish, and the stamp of them was well above 6oz, from close in on those margins fishing up next to still frozen in reeds, caster and single red was the bait

and i still didnt win, came a very close second to a guy that had a mixed bag of carp, roach and bream

The Runner

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Apr 8, 2005
Mix of match and pleasure weights

Carp; didn't fish commercials much so best in a match 93lb at Rolfs. Pleasure would have been around 250 lb at Lizard Fishery, W Drayton shortly after it opened. Packed in at 100 fish.
Tench; c65 lb from Clooneen Lake, Strokestown, Roscommon. Match/UK about two thirds of a total weight of 47llb, Farlows Match Lake
Bream 256lb approx, R Inny, Ballymahon, UK around 100lb, Farlows Match Lake, Match 63-5, Grand Union Canal, Harefield
Roach 105-12 R Bann, Portadown; best in England/ Scotland about 60 lb from Tweed at Coldstream and Broadwater Pit at Harefield. Wouldn,t get 60 lb of roach from either of them these days if you used a trawler for a week. Match (England) 27-6, Thames , Radley.
Rudd; about 50 lb R Shannon, Shannonbridge. In UK, no idea, probably still the c25lb from Bolam Lake in Northumberland nearly 50 years ago
Dace 37-4 (pleasure), R Tyne , Close House; match 19-6 (21 fish), R Tweed, Coldstream
Chub, c55-60 lb (15 fish), R Colne, Uxbridge; match 33-4, same venue.
Barbel; had around 70 to 80 lb pleasure fishing the Severn at both Hampton Loade and Brook. Match, probably had 15lb plus of barbel in mixed nets at New Farm Fishery but will go with 10-3-8 (one fish , 5 elastic and .09) R Colne, Rickmansworth
Crucian;; had well over 50 lb on a few occasions from the big lake at Willow Park. Match 26 lb nearly all crucians, Shawfields Lake, Ash
Silver Bream (match) 23-2, Brpadwater Pit, Harefield. Had getting on for twice that pleasure fishing there.
Gudgeon (match) 11-8 one of the lakes at Castle Ashby, Scotland Pond ?
Minnow (match) 2-14, R Colne, Uxbridge

Trout c20 lb in match so they didnt count, and blanked, R Eden, Armathwaite. Or about 12 lb of a total weight of 23-2 in a match where they did count under odd venue rules, R Whitewater, Heckfield.


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Sep 18, 2001
Carp: 330lbs at Rockells Farm, Saffron Walden .
Barbel: 100lbs 08ozs Monk Lakes, Match Lake 2. It was the 1st 100lb bag of Barbel caught from the venue.
Roach: 57lbs River Thames at Laleham.
Tench: 200lbs+ River Shannon at Lanesboro.
Bream: 107lbs 10ozs Pevensey Haven.
Perch: 39lbs River Wissey, Norfolk.
Rudd: 67lbs Arrans Lake. Chelmsford.
Crucian: 135lbs Witley Park. Godalming.
Dace: 37lbs River Thames at Richmond.
Chub: 56lbs River Uck, Uckfield.
Bleak: 27lbs River Thames at Kingston.
Gudgeon: 23lbs Grand Union at West Drayton.

These are all Match weights apart from the Tench which was an 8 hour session on the warm water outlet.


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Aug 28, 2006
It’s usually quality over quantity for me, with a few notable exceptions:

Roach, 40lb Wye; and Tay (thru a hole in ice).
Rudd, 30lb.
Bream 75lb (7 fish).
Pike 100 Lb + (Scotland and Glos)
Tench 60 lb (8 fish)
Chub 40lb (medley and Kennet)
Perch 50lb ( chew)
Carp 95 lb (4 fish)
Eels 9lb 8oz (2 fish)
barbel 25lb (3 fish, Severn)

saltwater fly fishing

bonefish 200lb + (50+ x 4lb+)
giant trevally 425lb + (26x 20lb+)
tarpon 400lb ++ (20x 20lb +, biggest 60lb)
permit 32lb (1 fish)


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Apr 15, 2014
I've never weighed a bag of fish unless in a match so hard to say

Match wise I've never caught 100lb best catch 98lb of Carp just don't fish commercials enough.

Roach probably around 20lb
Dace around 18lb
Bream around 50lb
Chub around 50lb
Tench around 30lb
Barbel 39lb match still water caught 19 on Kennet once but they were small probably less that the still water weight.
Gudgeon around 7lb

looking at other peoples weights I think I spent to much time team fishing


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Mar 10, 2019
Some very impressive weights as expected guys 👍🏻

The massive silvers weights are the ones just amaze me as they’re either a hell of a lot of good stamp fish or some seriously good sized fish!


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Jul 30, 2011
Dace - over 50lbs from the Piddle, Frome and Cork Blackwater (up to 250 fish)
Roach - Several 50lb+ catches, Stour, Blackwater and a local stillwater (up to 120 fish)
Bream - 130lb Shannon, 100lbs plus Stour and local stillwater
Tench - 40lbs - local pit (8 fish)
Chub - 65lb - Thames, 50lb plus Stour & Hants Avon (up to 35 fish)
Bleak - 17lb in match on Stour (750 fish)
Crucians - 64lb in Witley Park Match (100 fish)
Barbel - 60lb Hants Avon (8 fish)
Carp - 100lb plus, Drayton & Todber
Gudgeon - 8lb Medley match (300)
Perch - 25lb, TC Pit
Eels - 10lb North bank Nene
Seatrout - 40lbs+ Frome (27 fish)
Rudd - 27lb local pond (250 fish)


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Jun 25, 2009
There are only 3 definite weights i can report........
4lb 10oz of gudgeon in a match( Stratford lido) years ago
2 x 59lb 12oz weights of carp (Tofts) both in matches last year and the year before.
126 lb of Barbel (32 fish) pleasure fishing the Severn at Arley a few years ago.........all weighed individually.


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Nov 15, 2018
I've been fishing for around 60 years and have been very fortunate to fish some superb waters, some catches include:

5 thirty pound plus carp in a weekend - Colne Valley lake.
2 two pound roach in the same day - Thames.
4 double figure bream in same day, biggest 14lbs - on carp tackle from Colne Valley Lake.
20 barbel in same day - from a very prolific reach of the River Lea.
2 thirty pound common carp in the same night - Colne Valley lake.
2 twenty pound carp from different lakes on the same day - Colne Valley lakes.

I've witnessed some unbelievable catches; a fellow club member fishing boilies in one morning caught four tench of 8, 9, 10 and 11lbs. Another member (now sadly deceased) during a weekend caught 22 bream all doubles!


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Sep 18, 2001
That should have been a reply to @Peter
One of those special days Dave, fished hemp and caster on the stick and had a fish virtually every trot down, smallest around 8ozs and the largest around 1lb 8oz. Kept coming for 3hrs then they just vanished, got me 2nd in the match. 1st went to a lad that had 72lbs of Bream on the feeder. Never has a session like it before or since.

dave brittain 1

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Apr 17, 2004
Match weights only

Carp 297lbs, pellet waggler
Bream 89lbs feeder
Chub 78lbs stick float
Roach 69lbs waggler and pole to hand including 2 fish over 2lbs.
Dace 59lbs pole to hand, however a more memorable day was 32 dace for 22lbs including one fish close to the British record all on the waggler.
Gudgeon 18lbs in a 3 hr match whip 1m to hand.

Pleasure fishing I've had some fantastic days fishing for all species. Trout fishing I've had some very special days on both rivers and still waters catching on dry flies, buzzers and nymphs.