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Steve M

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Feb 7, 2003
Hi all,
While out fishing today with a good friend, the conversation turned to fine tuning our plans for our annual Ireland trip.Whilst chatting I was catching a steady stream of skimmers/roach. 2 or 3 to the pound.(Pole 11 metres at Stanborough Lake, Herts. Keep net ban except matches)All fish were immediately returned,but a good weight of silver fish, approx.4 - 5 lb per hour, until the wind put paid to 11 metres.I mentioned to my friend that we would have a net full if nets were allowed - then remembered our Ireland trip last year.
Last September we arrived in the morning, unpacked etc. & fished the afternoon/evening on the remote north shore of Lough Derg. The 3 of us did not have a bite fishing the feeder, but that was expected.
We filled the swims in with feed, to return the following morning.
Briefly the following day was amazing from the off.I had 32 Bream between 4lbs - 7lbs.My 2 friends had similiar.We used keepnets (2 each) during the day. As we left we filled it in again for the following day.
Day 3 nothing for 4 hours,then just 3 fish until we left in the evening.
We spoke with the local boatman/Pike guide (very knowledgeable bloke) about the lack of fish that day & he asked if we used keepnets.He then mentioned that it was common to have a good haul of fish one day, and almost blank the next after keepnets were used.Apparently it was to do with the fish becoming confused.(eg after being in the nets, which were properly staked with good depth, for a couple of hours, the fish when released seemed confused as to which way was home,and would swim around in the shallows for a while)
Contrast this to the remainder of the week when we did not use nets appeared remarkable.
We rested the swim for 2 days, then filled it in the evening before we fished it again.The rest of the week was great.I am sure I caught the same fish twice in one day.
Has anyone else had this experience?I certainly will take keepnets with me this year to Ireland but I will think about where/when I use them.
This has nothing to do with morals/ethics of using nets. I am a new member and have looked at previous posts regarding net use and realise that it has been a thorny problem for some.I am merely curious if anyone else has, in a bagging situation in Ireland, caught more the following day by not using a keepnet.


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Mar 17, 2002
interesting mate

good post



Apr 15, 2002
Hello Steve, I recently attended Bob Nudds roadshow at the Pirelli Club in Prescot and in the Anglers World video that they showed John Dyson from Ballyshrule Lodge also talked about not using keepnets on Lough Derg for the very same reasons you mentioned, So there must be something in what the locals say. But you must have found it strange not using keepnets.



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Very interesting Steve, i wonder if it is true,only the fish will know that mate.

Did you fish the same swims, sounds as tho you did, i must admit i have never fished the same swims when i have visited Ireland, always went touring about, different loughs. Not that it made any differance in my catch rate,[:(]

Well done on using two keepnets,
I cannot understand why any angler would cram 100+ pound of fish into one keepnet, i think that would be very confusing for the fish,and imho very unethical,but everyone has their own oppinions,

I have fished a few places at Ireland without keepnets,tench were my target,on small places,even on Garadice i have fished without nets.

So the way i see it,if you fish a swim where an angler has bagged 100+the day before,your wasting your time,but how would you know that a 100+ bag was caught the day before, maybe thats why i have never got the ton yet, always been a day late[V][V]

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Dec 4, 2001
very interesting that could be why the fishing on our club pool fishing is so hit & miss.

Before keepnet ban i'd have a net full one day go back next day &hardly anything, but since keep net ban on can still catch the next day's after.

Perhap's this i the reason in the summer months after matches on a Sunday Morning &Wednesday night's the day afters fishing is normally rubbish.

I'll bear it mind when i want to fish pool & try it out. go after a match&then go 2 day's after match &note result's.

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